The Health Benefits of Coconut Water

A friend of mine told me about the experienced that she had with severe urinary tract infection which lasted 2-3 months; she went through several rounds of antibiotic, cranberry juice and anything she could do to relief the pain but nothing worked.  She went to visit her dad in Hawaii and told her dad about her dilemma with UTI; her dad had her drink the juice from a young green coconut.  She drank all of them and when she woke up the next day her UTI was gone.  It was a refreshing and amazing to hear the great benefit of what coconut can do for you.

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Knee Pain Relief Gel

knee pain gel

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Health Benefits of Saffron Tea

Saffron tea has been used to help with wide range of ailments.  In Edgar Cayce’s readings, Saffron tea has been recommended for Alimentary System, Intestinal Antiseptic, Psoriasis, Ezema, Laceration, Eliminations, Digestive and Intestine Cleansing Aide.  According to, Saffron can also help with asthma, cough, whooping-cough, pain, depression, cancer, intestinal gas, heart burn and PMS syndrome.  Dr. Mehmet Oz praises Saffron for appetite suppressant.

Studies indicate that saffron works by inhibiting a mechanism (called serotonin reuptake) that renders serotonin stores unavailable to brain cells. As James Smoliga, Ph.D., an associate professor of physiology at High Point University in North Carolina, explains, “When this action is inhibited, serotonin remains in the brain longer, enhancing its positive effects.”   Those effects extend beyond slimming. In a (human) trial, saffron helped 75% of women reduce monthly cramps, bloat, fatigue and irritability by 50% or more within 8 weeks.

Saffron Tea Recipe: Put a pinch of saffron tea in a cup of boiling water, or put in a cup and pour boiling water over it and allow to stand for 30 minutes.  Strain and drink it, you can drink it 2-3 times a day.

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What Is Koren Specific Technique(KST)

Have you ever met someone who could locate and release your deepest stresses? Stresses that other healers have missed? Problems you have carried around both physical and emotional. KST practitioner is that someone.

KST uses 3Cs procedure: 1.Challenging- analyze all systems and structural that are out of alignment, 2.Checking- using Occipital Drop( yes/no system at the base of skull) to tell if the area need to adjust or not , and 3.Correcting- when adjustment is needed, Arthostim(Adjusting Instrument) is used to correct them. Arthostim is fast, accurate and low force; it introduces force/energy at 12 Hertz to realign the segments, stimulate joint mechanoreceptors, promote healing and relaxation.

With KST, there is no twisting, popping, or cracking and correction tends to hold longer. Some people would experience retracing once the current problem has been removed; the older problems may come up to surface and release which may cause the person to feel worse at time.  It is only temporary and a part of healing process.

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Muscle Tension Relief Inhaler

A muscle tension tends to cause a lot of problems.  If your neck and shoulders are tight that would cause you to have headache, shoulders and arms pain.  Inhaler for muscle tension helps to relief muscle tension, reduce pain, and calm nervous system.  A regular chiropractic adjustment along with essential oils usage are a great combination to keep you pain-free naturally.


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Beat The Blue Naturally

Summer is here which mean many of Farmer’s  Markets are open on the weekend.  It would be a great time to go out and support your local farmers, eats healthy and organic foods.  You are what you eat after all if you desire to be healthy then you should pay attention to what you put in your mouth.  Fruits and vegetables have plenty of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and essential phytochemicals to help you body heal itself.

You should eat varieties of fruits and vegetables; however, I would like to focus on orange and yellow pigment on the fruits and vegetables today.  Eating more of orange and yellow pigmented plants while soaking in sunlight help you beat the blue or depression.

The substance named phytochemicals found in plants give the plants its color.  The phytochemicals responsible for orange color in fruits and vegetables such as carrot, mango, or pumpkin, are the carotenoids α- y β-carotene, Vit A and provitamin A. Flavonoids in peach, papaya or orange process antioxidant, antihistamine, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.  Flavonoids also inhibit lipid peroxidation and scavanger free radicals which linked to cancer, aging, neurodegenerative disease: Parkinson,Alzheimer, ischemic injury, and artherosclerotic plaques in arterial wall.  Oxidative stress in your brain is a major contributor to depression.

A Japanese study found that older men who eat more of carotenoids exhibit fewer symptoms of depression.  Compared to those who got the least in their diet, those with the highest intake had a 64 percent lower risk of having symptoms of depression.  The amount of carotenoids in foods can be judged by its color; the darker the better because it contains more carotenoids than pale-colored one.

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Summer Essential Oils Guide

summer oils

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