What Is Koren Specific Technique(KST)

Have you ever met someone who could locate and release your deepest stresses? Stresses that other healers have missed? Problems you have carried around both physical and emotional. KST practitioner is that someone.

KST uses 3Cs procedure: 1.Challenging- analyze all systems and structural that are out of alignment, 2.Checking- using Occipital Drop( yes/no system at the base of skull) to tell if the area need to adjust or not , and 3.Correcting- when adjustment is needed, Arthostim(Adjusting Instrument) is used to correct them. Arthostim is fast, accurate and low force; it introduces force/energy at 12 Hertz to realign the segments, stimulate joint mechanoreceptors, promote healing and relaxation.

With KST, there is no twisting, popping, or cracking and correction tends to hold longer. Some people would experience retracing once the current problem has been removed; the older problems may come up to surface and release which may cause the person to feel worse at time.  It is only temporary and a part of healing process.

About Inspired Life Sanctuary

We are holistic health sanctuary; we provide a place for individuals to reach their optimum health & wellness by offering opportunities for becoming aware, learn, heal, and awaken their potential.
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