Low Back Pain

Many adults experience low back pain or neck pain some point in their life.  Some people could not find the cause of their low back pain; they were working on their yard or lifting up their kids and their back went out. Many have experienced failed back surgeries and end up with pain killers the rest of their life.  Some have been to chiropractor, acupuncture, physical therapy, exercises, pain prescriptions, Cortisone shots, and surgeries only to find temporary relief and still experience constant irritating nagging pain.

The study done by CDC in 2012 from adult age 18 year or older 25.4% of adult male and 29.6% female experienced low back pain in the past three months. National Institute of Health study in 2002 revealed 31% (34 million) of adult age 18 or older experience low back pain. These adults also exhibited more psychological distress (including serious mental illness), and engaged in more risky health behaviors than adults without either condition.

You are experience low back pain due to long-term inappropriate movement patterns. You have not yet address the cause of the pain; you have been bandaging or managing your pain.  Dr. Eric Goodman the founder of Foundation Training discovered that if you change the way you move, your pain will evaporate.  Foundation training is developed to correct damaging movement patterns and strengthen the muscles that keep your back stable.   According to Dr. Goodman, your abs are secondary to the back of your body.  Foundation training shifts the emphasis to the back and the posterior chain: the butt, hip, hamstring, back, and spine muscles.  For every exercise that you do for the front of your body, you should do at least four for the back.  Your posterior chain will provide you with powerful, pain-free movement.  No matter what your physical fitness level, you should start with foundation training exercises; it should be the foundation of your other exercises.

If you only do foundation training exercises for 20 minutes three times per week for at least two weeks, you can see the major improvement of your movement and how you body feel.  Here is the link to foundation training exercises: https://youtu.be/vOgxWp0Wyi, for advance: https://youtu.be/4BOTvaRaDjI.



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