Reflection of Life

                      Rice by Chun Yan Hee  translation from Korean Drama “Let’s Eat”

                To you who eat a lot of rice because you are lonely,                                                                          To you who sleep a lot because you are bored,                                                                                  To you who cry a lot because you are sad,                                                                                           I write this down,                                                                                                                                    Chew on your feelings that are cornered like you would chew on rice,                                        Anyway life is something that you need to digest.

Another variation of this poem, from

To you, who eats because of loneliness,                                                                                               To you, who sleeps because of wariness,                                                                                             To you, who cry because of the sadness,                                                                                             I write,  consume a difficult situation as you would your rice,                                                       As you will have to overcome/swallow both.

About Inspired Life Sanctuary

We are holistic health sanctuary; we provide a place for individuals to reach their optimum health & wellness by offering opportunities for becoming aware, learn, heal, and awaken their potential.
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