Getting Out Of The Box

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a four-day “Present Yourself Event” by 3 Key Elements and I had a chance to participate in the Rock Star Night.  Here’s what happen at the Rock Star Night: I showed up in my custom of my choice on the stage performing with my choice of music for 60 seconds.  There was no talking only gesture or movement allowed; the audience would followed whatever movement that I did, and cheering me on like they were in a concert and I was a Rock Star.  It was a nerve-racking moment for me to get up on the stage in front of 200 audiences but I did it and I didn’t die.  I survived!!!!

I choose to step out of my comfort zone and I glad I did it because I now know that getting out of my comfort zone won’t kill me.  It give me courage and confident that next time when I step out of my comfort zone I will be okay.

What is holding you back from stepping out of your comfort zone?


About Inspired Life Sanctuary

We are holistic health sanctuary; we provide a place for individuals to reach their optimum health & wellness by offering opportunities for becoming aware, learn, heal, and awaken their potential.
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