Steps to More Abundance

Recently a friend and business partner suggested a wonderful idea that I or anyone could do to feel more abundance.  Abundance is everywhere and available to us at anytime all we have to do is receive it.  Here is a simple steps that you can do everyday to feel abundance and it is doable and fun.

1. You will need 4 mason jars.
2. Label your jars: Security, Giving, Fun, and Education.
3. In each jar put one penny each day for one week.
4. After one week is over, put one nickle in each jar each day for two weeks.
5. After two week is over, put a dime in each jar each day for 3 weeks.
6. After three week is over, put a quarter in each jar each day for 4 weeks.
7. After four week is over, put a dollar in each jar each day for 5 weeks.
8. At the end of 3.5 month, You should have $45.37 in each jar. Take money from each jar and do the following:
*Money from Security jar is your saving, so put it away and don’t touch it.
*Money from Giving jar is for you to give it away; for example, pay it forward at Starbucks or restaurant or give it to your church as benevolent fund, or etc.
*Money from Fun jar is for you to spend on any entertainment of your choice.
*Money from Education jar is to spend on educational products, self-improvement, books, or etc..
9. Start all over again. You can do this as individual or as a family; this is a fun way for your kids or grand kids to involve.

The money that you will be putting in your jars will be provided for you from various ways; this also is a great learning tool for you to learn to trust that the Universe will always provide for your needs.

About Inspired Life Sanctuary

We are holistic health sanctuary; we provide a place for individuals to reach their optimum health & wellness by offering opportunities for becoming aware, learn, heal, and awaken their potential.
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