Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)

What is DMSO?

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) is by-product of wood industry mostly use as commercial solvent. DMSO is marketed as an alternative medicine via books with titles such as DMSO: Nature’s healer.  Its popularity as an alternative cure is stated to stem from a 60 Minutes documentary featuring Dr. Stanley W. Jacob.  Stanley Jacob, MD, was head of the organ transplant program at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland when he stumbled upon DMSO.  Since then he has dedicated his times and researches for FDA to approve the use of DMSO for medical clinics and hospitals.

 DMSO appeared in  more than 40,000 articles on its chemistry have appeared in scientific journals, which, in conjunction with thousands of laboratory studies, provide strong evidence of a wide variety of properties and some 11,000 articles have been written on its medical and clinical implications . In 125 countries throughout the world, including Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan, doctors prescribe it for a variety of ailments, including pain, inflammation, scleroderma, interstitial cystitis, arthritis, and elevated intracranial pressure.  Yet in the United States, DMSO has Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval only for use as a preservative of organs for transplant and for interstitial cystitis, a bladder disease.

DMSO is commonly used in veterinary medicine as a liniment for horses, alone or in combination with other ingredients. In the latter case, often, the intended function of the DMSO is as a solvent, to carry the other ingredients across the skin. Also in horses, DMSO is used intravenously, again alone or in combination with other drugs. It is used alone for the treatment of increased intracranial pressure and/or cerebral edema in horses.

For more information on research articles: http://www.dmso.org/

For 60 Minutes interviewed featuring Dr. Stanley; there are 3 parts to this interviewed on youtube: http://youtu.be/u0i7jARfKeI

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