I would like to begin with a little history; after working with individuals with Alzheimer’s for two years I began noticing how wording affected them, when asked questions using the word “Why” they became irritated, defensive or fight/flight reaction. Another word that had the same sort of response was “Just”.
With this awareness I begin experimenting on the affects these words had on myself, friends & family. The response was similar with an addition of anger. I also begin noticing other words that had strong reactions, emotional responses & attitude adjustments. For example the word “Need”. When all of them are put together it becomes a negative cycle of thoughts & emotions.
I challenge you to notice if you see the same responses.

Over the next little while I will post additional words and the affects they have.

About Inspired Life Sanctuary

We are holistic health sanctuary; we provide a place for individuals to reach their optimum health & wellness by offering opportunities for becoming aware, learn, heal, and awaken their potential.
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